Ben – english version

On the occasion of my last trip to “my” island I met Ben and Sarah.

A surf-buddy who wanted to practice some stand-up paddling due to missing wind together with his girl-friend – good to see the girls on the boards.

The first day we went on the water together and paddled really hard and gave our best. At least 97 times crawling back on the board and looking for the waves – we played to the utmost.

The second day, Sarah hurt her toes – I know that, it´s really awful – she only wanted to stay on the beach to watch. After a short time I realized that I missed my power from the day before and decided to go back to the beach to talk to Sarah. I don´t need to win Olympic games and therefore I took a time off. I went back to the beach and sat down next to Sarah.

Admitting my own powerlessness I watched Kris and Ben riding the waves and sometimes crawling back on the board again – shit happens sometimes and you get wet. As I said: “Wow, Ben is amazing, he is so powerful.” Sarah told me about the severe illness Ben was recovering from on Fuerteventura.  She told me about the operations and the long way from an undoubtedly fatal illness back to life again.

After two ours playing (fighting) on the waves, the men returned and during our way back to town we spoke about Ben´s recovery and his further plans.

I really was impressed of Ben´s strong will to cope with the disease, not giving away his power and his relentless efforts to fight – not in a resentful or furious way but in a calm and relaxed manner not leaving out the persistence to reach his aim – and I really admired that.

Ben is the living proof of not only self-efficacy but also for the fact that our thoughts and attitudes towards our life are creating our life itself and could make it even possible to combat a disease empowering the self-regulating forces which then can be activated within us. Undoubtedly medicine, classical and/or alternative took also a part in the procedure, but I really believe that his inner strength helped him a lot to recover. This inner strength lies in all of us. And we have the power to activate it. Ben did it.

The last sentence of our conversation was clear and easy, he said:

„Life is too short to waste“

Yes, life really is too short to waste. We waste it with running behind things we do not need but we believe we need them in order to feel good. You may find some more examples for wasting your (life)time in your own life.

Ben reminded me that life/time is of great value and that it is up to me what happens in my life and what should be thrown out of it. My thoughts are creating my truth in my life. Therefore trust, hope, perseverance, thankfulness and love are not all but important things to gain a positive point of view in my life from which I gain my power – for whatever I need it.  To concentrate on the really important things in life and not to waste my time with unnecessary stuff at least avoiding negative thoughts which manifest negative outcomes, this was the contents of the wake-up call.

Thank you Ben and Sarah getting to know you. I  wish you all the best, much love and light.

I am sure that Ben will totally recover and hopefully they both will return to the island for kite-surfing. This is what the doctors did not allow him and that really did not please him.

A really cool place for recovery – this Fuerteventura island…

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