Kite-Surfing – more than a hip kind of water sports

Today I´d like to tell you a story about my experiences with and thoughts about this amazing kind of sport. What is kite-surfing? What makes it so awesome?

A Kite Surfer

If you are doing it right, you may even fly… The picture shows a really professional guy! Please do not try this being a beginner or even an advanced rider. I only show it to you as I like the picture so much.

Before I begin let me quickly explain what kite-surfing is all about, only for those who did not know exactly what it is:

Kite-surfing is a kind of water sport allowing you to ride over the water and the waves by means of a kite-board, a kite and a bar and – the most important thing: the wind.  As my article should not be a kite-surf tutorial you may please check some videos about kite-surfing in the internet if you are interested in more information.

Anyway, as at the age of 49 the idea of learning kite-surfing jumped up to my mind everything was arranged quickly . Suddenly I got really keen on trying this out.

Internet research brought me to Fuerteventura and a to kite-surf-school as well. If you do not have any idea about a thing you only can rely on your faith that everything will turn out well.  And I really have been blessed. I simply would like to state that I found the best teachers I could ever get:  competent, patient, being passionate kite-surfers themselves – what I think any kite-surfing teacher should be – not some intemperate self-exposers or halfhearted part-time-teachers but sporty people supporting me to learn kite-surfing in a technically qualified manner as well as transporting the spirit within. At this point I´d like to say Thank You to my life supplying me with these guys.

Here are now my understanding, experiences and feelings about kite-surfing:

For me, it´s a kind of meditation.

Being on the water for me is a feeling of oneness with nature. I feel being a part of it. I am totally with myself and mindful of my being in the natural surroundings, only together with the board, the kite, the wind and the water.

I am in the water, the eye on my kite. I feel and see the direction of the wind as well as its power. I know how to handle my kite to get on the board.

If I conduct too weak, the power of the kite is insufficient to raise me up. If I conduct too strong, well, I will have a flight over the water and probably salty water in my stomach. Don´t worry – try again. So it´s my feeling for the kite´s reaction which is necessary at this point. There are no powerful muscles needed but a more sensitive feeling of how to conduct the kite. So let´s go ladies, get on to the kites. But please, only in a good teacher´s company.

Having the right feeling and body movement, the kite, the board and I are a unit – that´s what it feels like to me. My kite tears me by means of the wind, I slide over the water, I control the speed and I determine the direction. In case I´m doing something wrong, well – more water for my stomach. Physical law is applied and nobody but me is responsible for the failure.

The wind blowing in my face, the water splashes under my board and sometimes in my face – well, I really love that, really! In this moment I´m a child again. There´s a feeling of freedom und silence, although things are not silent there, but sometimes wild and fast and up and down…

My teacher, a young man half my age but sometimes as wise as an old one said to me one day: „Being on the water is always of help“ – if you need a clear view on things. Oh, he´s so right! The sea really takes anything with a pleasure which no longer serves your soul. Even a short-time-frustration could be swept away during a kite-surfing session.

Amazingly, the sea is always different, always new. The waves, the wind, the drift. Anything that looks as usual might be a challenge. This is the beauty of it. I always have to adapt to the situation and this keeps my mind alert and flexible. Recklessness can be dangerous, so always respecting the power of nature in connection with a realistic sense of my competence might be useful to handle the stuff accurately. But never have fear, as fear weakens.

So the aim is to find the balance between the requirements of the situation and my ability to deal with it. So if there is only light wind, I should be able to handle this, too, using different abilities.

That is why I really love kite-surfing so much.

It is an extreme sport – such as Life is.

Every single day is different from the one before. Sometimes exiting, sometimes comfortable. Sometimes it seems to be hard and sometimes it even hurts. But as long as I manage to get on the board again and be able to face the next challenge, the show will go on. I AM the one who conducts, I AM the one who determines the direction. And the direction is always moving ahead.  And it is always really amazing and joyful – such as life is. So kite-surfing is more than just a hip kind of water sport.

The only bad thing: when there is no wind – no kite-surfing is possible. But of course there is an alternative to move forward: Stand up Paddling.

I´m going to tell you about that soon, my dears

Keep in motion as I will do and see you soon – it´s me, it´s Gabi

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